Become a Community Shareholder

For as little as £10 a year you can become a community shareholder in the Bevy. All membership fees go directly to support local community groups and charities, decided on by our customers and volunteers. As well as receiving updates on what’s happening at the Bevy, you will also own a small part of the pub and have the right to vote in (or out!) members of the management committee and vote on other key decisions at our annual general meetings. We recommend this for people living or working locally who would like to have a say over what happens in the pub.

Donate to the Bevy

The Bevy is a Community Benefit Society, meaning it is owned by and run for the benefit of the local community and not for profit.  As well as the income we earn from the pub any profit from which we reinvest in community activity, we rely on grants and donations to offer most of our community activity.  A donation will help us keep investing in these local community projects and events, making them free and accessible to all.