We'll meet again.


When the pandemic closed the pubs, the Bevy quickly reinvented itself, delivering emergency food to the most vulnerable in our community. So far, we have dished out more than 2000 Bevy Meals on Wheels.

The pub has also undergone a deep clean and is currently being repainted and refurbished. While pubs have now been given the nod to reopen on July 4th we are still waiting for the government details while trying to figure out how we can do this safely.

Many of our elderly customers are currently being shielded and we do not want to put them or the sheltered housing they live in at risk. We also understand the need for people to escape their four walls and seek a bit of company.

Popping to the pub will look a whole lot different and we are working on an online booking system and hope to open the garden a few days a week for food and drink as soon as practical.

We will keep you posted.
The Bevy team

Bevy Meals on Wheels

Whilst we are closed to the public during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are providing a ‘Meals on Wheels’ style service to vulnerable local people who can’t get out to buy food. After closing The Bevy due to the outbreak, a team of our dedicated volunteers and staff decided to cook and deliver hot meals 3 times per week to ensure that none of the regular attendees of our lunch clubs goes hungry.

We're now really proud that Bevy - Meals on Wheels has already delivered over 2,000 meals to vulnerable people and our reach continues to grow.

The feedback has been fantastic, Pearl, one of our regulars, recently said to Helen Jones "What a lovely, lovely meal. Please thank the chef, and everyone and the delivery lady and you. And the strawberries were lovely!"

One thing that has really struck home is it's not just about the tasty meals, we're maintaining contact and keeping eyes on people we know to be vulnerable, often because of our previous connections. It gives us the chance to make social contact at a safe distance and find out what they need. It provides a little bit of structure and connection to the outside world and lets people know that they are cared about.

Some people pay for their meals if they can afford it, but many are unable to so receive their meals free thanks to kind donations from our supporters.

If you’d like to "pay it forward" and help subsidise these free meals please head to our donate page: www.thebevy.co.uk/donate

If you live in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean, have been told not to or cannot leave your home and would like to receive one of these meals, or know someone who would then please phone us on 01273 281009

Meals on Wheels Brighton Bevy Bites

Committee member Laurie helping deliver food to some of the most vulnerable people in our community

Bevy Meals on Wheels is a partnership of organisations and people across Moulsecoomb, Bevendean and Bates coordinated by volunteers from the Bevy community pub as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is primarily a way of supporting local, older and vulnerable individuals and families, though the service is available to all locally. We are committed to preparing and delivering hot cooked meals during the enforced period of self-isolation to ensure people get a regular, hot, nutritious meal for free or at a price they can afford as a way not just of meeting need but of maintaining social contact at a physical distance. This includes our volunteer deliveries checking in on people, having a chat (at a safe distance), asking if they need anything and running errands. More than ‘meals on wheels’ this is a lifeline for many isolated people across the local community.

Our priority is to deliver meals to those most vulnerable and in need, however the service is open to all and the more people use it the more we will be able to support others. Payment is not necessary, but for those who can afford to we encourage you to donate to allow us to expand the operation and provide free or subsidised meals to more people who need them.

Please donate

We are asking for donations to ensure this service continues. Any donations are very welcome. Every £5 you give provides someone with a meal so we are really grateful for any money anyone can spare.

By donating to the pub you are supporting us to run and expand Bevy Meals on Wheels to more people over the coming weeks and months. Whilst largely volunteer run and sourcing food and equipment donations wherever possible, we still have delivery expenses, need to pay for coordination and chef time, for cleaning materials to maintain such high hygiene protocols, and for additional further food and specialist equipment.

If you’d like to donate to The Bevy please head to our donate page: www.thebevy.co.uk/donate