Shut not shut! We are currently closed in line with government guidelines and will be continuing to deliver Bevy Meals on Wheels to those who need them. If you live near the Bevy - or know someone that does - we can support you and your family with cooked meals.

Please call the Bevy on 01273 281009 or email and leave us a message on how we can help

Bevy Meals on Wheels Brighton


We continue to provide our Bevy Meals on Wheels service to local people. You can help us deliver meals to those who can't afford them by donating here →

Back in November, Meals on Wheels week 2020 gave us a chance to celebrate and recognise the work of our own Meals on Wheels heroes as well as other frontline food delivery services across the country. Read the story so far of Bevy Meals on Wheels and find out about our 'virtual' Royal visit from HRH The Duchess of Cornwall.